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Second Chance Tattoo Removal - Sydney Australia - Regain Your Confidence

Feeling embarrassed about a decision you made years ago with a tattoo, which you now wish wasn't on your body? At Second Chance Tattoo Removal you now have the opportunity to turn back the clock and regain your natural body back.

We're not about tattoo removal, we're about helping people who made a bad  decisions

Tattoos have become a very popular way of permanently modifying our appearance however as time passes we can come to regret the decision. What seemed like a good idea at the time can cause problems in later life. An unwanted tattoo can lead to psychological distress and cause difficulty in social and work environments.

N.S.W Government accredited.

We use a Q-Switched ND YAG Laser 

Registered with the TGA ( Therapeutic goods association of Australia )

Male and Female technicians available

Mobile tattoo removal – Studio/Salons earn valuable commission without lifting a finger 


Thank you Second chance tattoo removals for removing my ex boy friends name its made it easier to move on with my life. Lisa x

Ramsgate N.S.W 

Thanks Adam for comming all the way out to penrith with your mobile unit  and for lightning my old crappy tatt now i have it covered up with some thing new and fresh. 


My tattoo was over 10 years old. The staff at Second Chance Tattoo Removal were  positive with a successful result due to the time, weather and aging of the artwork. I was quite amazed with the final result and am happy to say that 95% of the tattoo has been removed. I have one more session to go, which should remove the final traces of a tattoo that I once had on my forearm.


David - Sydney, NSW, Australia

A Second chance. 

We've all made a bad decision in our lives. No matter what that decision, most were able to be corrected.

With modern technology and more update methods, tattoo removal is now possible and affordable, compared to 5-10 years ago. If you feel that you have made a decision with artwork, and want to let go of the past, get your original unmarked skin back, give us a call or contact us via our contact form.


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